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Every child is born with individuality. Fonshin just helps to provide a nurturing environment where children learn to respect, cooperate and express. We are proud to lay a solid foundation for chidren’ future. We adopt the International Baccalaureate (IB) Primary Years Programme (PYP) for our curriculum focusing on maths, personal, social and physical education. The IB aims to develop inquiring, knowledgeable and caring young people who help to create a better and more peaceful world through intercultural understanding and respect.

Cute Kids
Loving Teachers

Small school,big family


A warm campus that blends culture and home interaction

Providing each child with an inquiry environment suitable for their unique personality development, we have a small class teaching, each family can find effective teaching content here, and enjoy the children’s growth footprint!

In the delayed class after class, the children are provided with wonderful and professional courses and activities to make the family feel attentive.

Proactively provide a variety of parent-child activities. In the classroom, there are extracurricular activities in the playground and festivals. Parents and children can be seen everywhere, leaving the family with precious memories!

Smooth and effective communication channels and content, from daily contacts to regular assessments, we help families demonstrate the confidence and fun of educating children!

We are good at creating a variety of campus activities, combining the growth of children with the integration of social culture, which reflects the value of important educational significance for children, parents and teachers.

Special summer courses and activities are available for any children in need at school, and special content for the new family is familiar with the educational environment. In the summer of Cool Music, the professionalism and quality of the school are not reduced, which is to bring joy to the children. l

Good facilities

Protecting healthy and safe facilities and promoting the improvement of children’s learning and development make parents feel particularly at ease.

Rich teaching materials

With the textbooks featuring the campus curriculum, the children’s ability to learn independently and the atmosphere of family growth continue to emerge.

Fun toy

To meet the child’s curious nature, the variety of toys, always let the children take the trouble to find a reason to go to school!

Happy friend

Learn and learn from each other and share the multicultural growth experience. Here you have a happy childhood and a family joy!

Healthy meal

The delicious Chinese and Western cuisines satisfy the needs of a balanced diet for healthy growth, and also capture the taste buds of the children.

Safe school bus

The Fangxin school bus, which runs strictly in accordance with national standards, is clean and convenient! Loaded with the child’s hope and the trust of the parents.



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